Earthly Delights 24x36  Ink on Cradled Claybord. Available through Candita Clayton Gallery

As waves crash on the surface 

Light dances below

Creating ever changing patterns

Large-Scale Abstract Movements



Estelle Chojnicki is an American abstract gestural painter who is known for her large-scale, acrylic paintings, which have wave-like movements


The Movement of the Water

Chojnicki is heavily influenced by the movement of the water. She is known for action style painting, where she paints intuitively and physically.


New England Home Magazine

Chojnicki has been featured in various design magazines. Such as New England Magazine, Rhode Island Monthly, The Boston Times and Home & Garden UK.

Artist Statement

 My artwork is created to be life-affirming. 

I paint on a large scale because I want to capture the viewer’s imagination by encompassing the entire wall. I want my art to captivate the onlooker’s attention and transport him or her to a world beyond logic -- to a place of quiet introspection.

My intention is to have the viewer not be able to turn away from the painting and become transfixed -- as you do when watching the  waves in the ocean or flames in the fireplace.

Weather and water are central themes in my work, as both carry various movements of light and color.